Realizing Your Vision For Exceptional Student Living.

We partner with academic institutions under a Public-Private Partnership structure (P3) to provide a tailored student housing solution in the areas of design and development, financial structures and management services.
We can be flexible in our engagement and can work under various procurement models including Design-Build-Finance-Maintain-Operate (DBFMO) to best deliver an elevated student experience.
We believe the operations of the development is critical to the overall success of the project. As a result, we work with academic institutions to help define their management service needs, understand their vision for the student experience, and together design services directly aligned with their objectives.

We will work with you to create the development that brings your vision to life.

Delivering your vision
Aligning with your mission statement
Philosophical, cultural, strategic, project specific
Delivering an elevated residential experience for your students
Quality accommodations, student focused amenities
Meeting your financial objectives
Cash flow, balance sheet
Implementing your building and development standards
Architectural, program design, material specifications, infrastructure
Addressing your operational requirements
Marketing, leasing, facilities management, asset management, residence life, programming
Architectural design is key to achieving value goals, with functionality and flexibility combined to enable the ongoing use of a space by a range of users, whether segregation of spaces in a co-ed environment or accessibility for people of determination.
For academic institutions to be successful, an integrated approach to planning and design is required. Effective organizations will coordinate their facility planning with their educational program, process planning and technology selection to reinforce their long-term service delivery strategy.
Student Experience
Our primary focus is to enhance the student experience. We seamlessly blend contemporary design with functional spaces and state of the art amenities to provide unparalleled integrated living environments for university students.
Sustainable Design
Thoughtful design has always embodied sustainable roots and Green intentions. Global awareness and local concern has finally defined and pronounced these sustainable ideals as essential.
We can provide assurance and support through our best-in-class project development and delivery. We achieve this through our team’s local and global experience delivering heritage conservation and cultural projects and our knowledge and experience gained from working alongside key stakeholders and partners.
Experience in Major Projects
We have experience with large-scale projects and can provide end-to-end development. We understand the importance of adhering to schedule, implementing and monitoring a strong quality management program, tracking the budget, and with this understanding we have built a reputation of successfully delivering major projects like yours.
Integrated services
Our integrated service provides end-to-end controls that will help drive cost, quality and schedule certainty along with our technology capabilities that will provide you with the knowledge required throughout your project, giving you confidence that your project is in good hands.
We adopt a versatile approach to financing, offering options that align with your objectives. As a third-party developer, financier, or a combination of both, we evaluate each project independently, tailoring financing structures to your credit treatment, balance sheet considerations, cash flow, and operational controls. We stand by you in the decision-making process, ensuring that your financing model reflects your goals and values.
Maintain and Operate
Our offering extends to flexible management solutions that can be customized to match you specific needs. From business operations to facilities maintenance, marketing, leasing, residence life, and student development, our areas of expertise are finely tuned to elevate the student living experience. Our emphasis on corporate support underscores the holistic approach we bring to staffing and service delivery.


We understand the student housing and education sector.

Changing social habits, cultural factors, and technologies are resulting in new ways of living and learning. We create spaces that reflect this and provide a positive, healthy, active, social living environment.

Creating spaces with visionary planning, adaptability and flexibility.

We understand the importance of how students and staff use buildings, their sense of ownership, and the way the built environment supports a cohesive living and learning environment. This guides us in the way in which we execute projects in the student housing and education sector.

Key principles to promote creative learning in an educational environment, attract and retain high-quality staff, and optimize life-cycle costs, include:

Safety and security of all residents and staff
Flexibility and adaptability in design
Efficient design and quality construction 
Creating a unit mix that meets needs of both first year and returning students
Student-centered programmed amenities
Functional interiors and co-location of common facilities
Operational efficiency and longevity of use (future-proofing)
Customized residence life programming and services

Design Focus.

Diversity, inclusion and well being are ingrained in the DNA of our team. With our people at the heart of our success, we endeavor to create a great place to work that celebrates and embraces the unique perspectives, experiences, and talents of all individuals.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion is at the heart of everything we do and we strive to drive these values into each project throughout design, construction, and operation.

Unit Design

Fully furnished
Private study areas
Common areas for social interaction

Amenity spaces for Health & Wellness

State-of-the-art fitness centers
Recreational community lounges
Organized recreational and social programming

Amenity spaces for Academic Success

State-of-the-art technology infrastructure
Common areas for group study

Community Areas

Designed to facilitate regular interaction among residents
Connections to other university amenities

Navigating Project Complexities & Challenges.

We understand the challenges that an academic institution faces when initiating, planning, and delivering projects. Therefore, we see it as our responsibility to get ahead of these issues and to work in partnership with the academic institution and all key project stakeholders, devising scoping, budgetary, and schedule solutions for the benefit of the community.

Our team believes in the value-added benefits of a collaborative approach between the university, developer, community leaders and City staff. It enables the team to build an early level of trust that eases subsequent Site Plan Control and Zoning approvals. Our team’s track record with municipal negotiations large and small has been very successful.

We understand the challenges that our partners face when constructing projects. Therefore, we see it as our responsibility, as development managers, to get ahead of these issues and to work in partnership to devise solutions for your benefit.

Challenges arise on every project, it’s how we are able to manage them that sets us apart.

Our commitment to partnership, innovation, and excellence sets the tone for our services.

We аre not just developers; we аre collaborators, dedicated to transforming student accommodations into thriving communities that echo your mission and enrich the university experience.