Campus Developments' unique formula for development of purpose built student accommodation (PBSA) involves a wholistic approach involving numerous factors. Each site is analysed and designed taking into consideration the development site, surrounding community, university and residents' experience.

This wholistic approach goes beyond stakeholder considerations and also includes an emphasis on asset sustainability, eco-conscious elements, community health, safety and covid resilience.


At Campus, we believe in the process. Each development begins as a blank canvas with the student in mind. We create co-living spaces that nurture the generations of tomorrow. 

Campus Developments has created the 'Revalie' brand for its student residence developments in Canada. Derived from the French word meaning to “wake up”, The Revalie references the concept of rising up to one’s aspirational potential and achieving goals. The name signals a new step in one’s academic journey — a journey full of energy and enthusiasm.  



To execute on Campus’ vision for student residence development, we have brought together a quality development team which includes the best contractors in the country along with internationally renowned architects, interior designers, landscape planners and urban planning engineers.

The development team’s emphasis is on speed of execution without compromising quality. An example of this is the Revalie Ottawa which was completed in only 19 months, despite the majority of the development program occurring during the covid pandemic.


Campus Developments' unique formula to real estate development of purpose built student residences is focused on providing a superior residence experience like no other. Guided by Campus’ 3C principles – comfort, convenience and care, each development is focused on bringing the best in class experience to its student residents. 

Each student residence development contains 3 main components – residential areas, amenities, retail/commercial areas. The residences include bachelor, 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments, which are fully furnished and contain all kitchen / laundry appliances. The apartments come pre-installed with TVs and include smart wifi internet, along with dedicate access control / security infrastructure. Particularly for out of province and international students, a fully furnished apartment provides immense comfort so they are able to move in immediately.    

For residents’ convenience, the developments contain onsite modern amenities such as dedicated fitness areas for strength training, cardio, along with spinning and yoga studios. The retail area provides numerous food and beverage outlets, along with grocery and medical offices to provide a self-contained residence experience.